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A Retained Search is more of a consulting search and dedicated partnership vs. a Contingency search. Fees are achieved regardless of the time it takes to secure the right candidate. The main difference between the two is with a retained search we have the opportunity of working a bit more closely with the company. Typically they are best suited for senior-level management positions and the bigger challenge is recruiting the talent from the competition.

Retained Search Agreement:

Retained searches are one of the highest in priority and best suited for high level critical openings such as CEO's, COO's, CFO's etc.. We also provide more affordable options for Manager through C-level searches. These searches are also dedicated but carry a significantly lesser cost with the same level of service.

Dedicated sourcing consultants as well as a lead Recruiter is assigned to your search. The search consultant commits the majority of his/her time to filling your position and the performance guarantee is a minimum of two-three quality candidates. These candidates would be considered quality if they met or exceeded the client company's requirement and presented within 60 days

This is considered a dedicated search and usually the fee is slightly higher than contingency. The first third of the 25-30% fee is paid initially to commence the search. The second third paid within thirty days after the search begins and the final third paid upon an offer given to the candidate.


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