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Talent Pipeline Development

The question is not "should I proactively build a Talent Community".. rather, "Why am I not being proactive or prepared for my next hire" ?

Building Talent Pipelines and Talent Communities.....successful sourcing begins with engaging passive talent as well as keeping them engaged over a period of time, sometimes months.

Key Reasons to Build a Talent Pipeline

By proactively developing a pipeline of talent, you will Identify the right talent early. If you’re waiting until you need to hire then you’re already too late. Proactively developing a talent pipeline is a must not an option!

- Identify your goals
- Develop your strategy
- Generate leads of potential super stars
- Capture information and short list candidates
- Qualify and bucket candidates by matching them to your upcoming requirements.
- Develop relationships by building trust and branding your company
- Engage them frequently by keeping them informed and keep them warm

Reduce your time to Fill:
Establishing an ongoing dialogue with a candidate it provides you the option to accelerate the discussion when the timing is right.

Avoid the loss of "ACE" candidates:
When it's time to hire you're ready to engage your short listed candidates reducing painful negotiations and competition. Preliminary discussions and branding are completed now it's time to real them in!

Minimize business disruption:
When Clients have vacancies, especially those not planned you may be faced with additional pressure which you can avoid making you a better business partner.

Strengthen the company's brand.
You are continually considering prospective candidates.

Talent Identification Sourcer

The role of the Talent Identification Sourcer (Researcher) is simply locating or mining Candidates for you all day long. Researchers can operate independently or in conjunction with Contract Recruiters or your own recruiting department. Our industry disciplined Researchers build pipelines of pre-qualified, available candidates which can be assembled into an Application Tracking System. This is one of the most cost effective methods of developing a candidate flow through our market intelligence agents

The Sourcer is a highly skilled search consultant who works independently or in larger models “very closely” with a Contract Recruiter. Conceptually a Contract Sourcer works at the Client site but can be assigned off-site.

- Proactively conduct research and investigate new ideas to create innovative sourcing strategies.
- Strong focus on sourcing passive candidates through networking, cold calling, complex internet searches and research.
- Source active candidates from on-line databases, contact lists, internal databases, employee referrals.
- Act as a search expert for functional areas by understanding functional hiring needs, position specifications and search requirements.
- Partner with recruiters to generate ideas, leverage resources and share information that facilitates an effective search process.
- Screen candidates for availability, interest level, visa status, salary range, relocation needs and basic qualifications.
- Enhance professional training and development by attending company- sponsored classes and meetings.
- Ability to interact at all levels of the organization.
- Ability to implement targeted sourcing initiatives.
- Ability to generate a high volume / high quality pipeline of candidates under very tight timelines.
- Flexibility and willing to support multiple functions / business units
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with proven ability to take initiative and build strong productive relationships.
- Strong organizational and multi tasking abilities.

The Sourcing Process

The resume sourcing process is defined by a deep understanding of our clients needs and our knowledge and ability to source top notch industry talent that corresponds to your requirements.

Developing a Candidate Search Strategy
First, we develop a customized candidate search strategy based on your specific job opening.
Second, we utilize our knowledge and experience to map out the most effective methodology to source the right candidates.

Developing an understanding of the clients needs
Our Researchers conduct a first run candidate search and deliver a report to the client with a representative sampling of available candidates for review and feedback.

Refined Resume Sourcing
Once we've obtained the knowledge developed in the previous steps we refine our searches to provide targeted candidate identification and screening.

How We Source Candidates
We utilize a number of techniques as well as customized strategies to source employment candidates that meet your requirements.

Candidate sources:
- Resume Sourcing
- Resume Spiders
- LinkedIn
- Niche' organizations
- Job Postings
- Resume intake from our web site
- Networking
- Propriety resume database



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