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Contract Recruiting

Contract Recruiters will change the way you do business;

Choose an experienced Contract Recruiter, they are the foundation in the building and development of your organization's Technical and Management teams.

As seasoned Recruiting Management Consultants, we possess the industry knowledge, experience and commitment to Customer satisfaction required to fulfill the most discriminating requirements. Your organization's most valuable asset is its people. Succeeding tomorrow depends upon choosing the right leaders today. We provide our clients with a competitive edge by identifying outstanding leaders with critical and strategic skills. We excel by not just finding people but by finding the best people.

One Source Managed Solutions provides highly specialized Contract Recruiters to supplement your existing staffing function. Using a transitory Recruiting approach, we help your organization implement a cost effective program that lowers your cost-per-hire, minimize the impact of employee turnover, and positions a foundation to build an effective employee retention program.

Contract Recruiters are a smart alternative to a contingency search. Your Contract Recruiter develops and provides targeted recruiting strategies geared toward your unique organization. Employ a Contract Recruiter for your high volume requirements or just building a pipeline of candidates. When faced with multiple job requirements to fill in a short period of time, the one solution that guarantees your success is a Contract Recruiter.

Contract Recruiting
Utilizing Contract Recruiters is an extremely cost effective way of staffing your organization. This method allows you to increase your recruiting resources during hiring surges without adding full time employees for what may be a relatively short term staffing initiative. Industry specific Recruiters are further utilized for your unique organization presenting many areas of expertise. Our Recruiters offer the competencies you seek as well as the strategic partnership necessary to implement high volume campaigns tailored to your specific requirements.
To add further value to our services our Contract Recruiters have access to all of the recruiting research we have in place which includes a database of candidate profiles accumulated over the years, current market research, data scrubbing and networking between all our partners. The success of our Recruiters is our priority so they will be given all the tools necessary to guarantee a successful engagement.
You do have options !
We provide several levels of Contract Recruiting programs depending on your unique requirement, budget and volume of recruitment. Contact our Chief Talent Officer to discuss the differences of each option available to you.
Contract Sourcer - Also know as "Researchers" or "Resume Miners" are best utilized off-site for their cost effective services of building pipelines of candidates. Sourcers usually report into your Recruiters or Managers, or a Senior Contract Recruiter or Recruiting Manager.
Contract Recruiters - Our most popular Consultant. Contract Recruiters usually possessing 2-5 yrs experience. They possess excellent relationship builder skills, metrics reporting and work in a full life cycle / high volume atmospheres supporting as many as 40-50 requisitions at one given time.
Senior Contract Recruiters - fit the profile of a Lead Recruiter / Project Manager. Strategist, process improvement and engagement Manager are typical attributes of this type of Recruiter possessing 5-10 yrs experience. Usually in charge of multiple Projects, succession planning, high-volume, metrics reporting and more senior searches.
Contract Recruiting Managers - Are very close in profile to the Senior Recruiter except they are more suited in managing and building teams of Recruiters and recruitment campaigns. There is more involvement in Senior level and Management activities; reporting Metrics into Senior Staff.
Talent Acquisition Advisor - Are profiled as Management Consultants at the Senior Director level that manage multiple teams of Recruiting Managers, Senior Recruiters and Sourcers.
Detailed job descriptions can be provided as well as customized for your Company's distinctive needs.
Are Contract Recruiters an ideal solution for you?
Our On-site or Off-Site solutions are ideal for organizations that:
- Require full or part time recruitment resource that assist them increase their staffing efficiencies.
- Seek niche Recruiters possessing a specific skill set such as Accounting, Financials, Operations, Human Resources, Management, Sales etc. One Source Managed will locate that perfect Recruiter for your specials needs.
- Need a cost effective method to respond to short and long term erratic, cycling or spiked recruiting needs that can change often.
- Are not getting the productivity they expected from their current methods in place.
- Are looking to increase the volume of their candidate pipeline and cut back on high contingency costs.
One Source Managed Solutions welcomes any additional inquires and is here to assist you. We look forward to working with you in the near future on your next Contract Recruiting assignment.

Contract Recruiter 
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